Bruh. I really thought they was playing until I looked on my iPad…….. 😨 check your Iphone or iPad… U2 managed to put their album on everyone in the world’s iTunes….


Sniff Master. Ft @Jabari_d21 👃

My butt getting to big.. Blahh. ☀️🌻

Make sure you go download my boy @syaridakid ‘s #TheSyariMix tomorrow. Your ears will be pleased! #LiveMixtapes #RealMusic #OneofTheMostHardWorkingArtistsIKnow

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Young Charlene . Guess which one is me…

Make you want me cause I’m hot now. 🎶👸

Question? How can you go from knowing someone 4yrs in high school and NEVER talk, only said hey to each other? Then y’all get one class together in college and it changes everything. I love me some @griselda___blanco 😍. You can say she my soul sister lol we are really two peas in a pod. We have fun in everything we do, clubbing, shopping, vacations, out eating, job hunting, everything lol Bitches be hating on the young dynamic duo. 👯 “Don’t be a Lakiesha” lmao Bye Felicia. 💁 #sisters #bestfriend #dynamicduo #WeTooFineForYou #ThotsBeMad


I see no lies here 😂

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